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Timothy C. Truxell: Executive Director Content & Experience

Experience you can count on
Tim is the principal of Rubicon CX, a full service content- and experience-strategy consultancy. Before founding Rubicon CX, he served as a Senior Group Content Strategy Director and the National Content Practice lead for Rightpoint. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tim has also worked as a content strategist for a number of companies and digital agencies, including twelve and a half years at Sapient and Publicis Sapient, where he helped build its content strategy practice. He also served as managing editor for UPS for a major redesign of their site, which launched in 29 languages and 104 countries, where he was crucial in their localization and translation strategy. 

Tim has over two decades of editorial and content strategy experience. He focuses on determining how content will best contribute to the overall user and brand experience for both customers and business users.

He develops content strategies across different channels, allowing content to meet business and user goals within the combined digital experiences. He brings a deep knowledge of content governance, which informs the creation of content models and taxonomies to support the experience—including both global and localized experiences for worldwide digital presences. 

He can serve as the content design and strategy lead for any company, providing oversight and career management or rolling up his sleeves and getting in the work, managing staffing, preparing estimates, building a content practice, and serving as content strategy and design lead for pitches.  

Tim comfortably operates on both sides of the content strategy line: both the traditional “creative” or brand side, which focuses on the content experience of the user, but also on the “structural,” or technology side, which focuses on taxonomy, content models and systems (DAM and CMS). He sees no distinction between the two as they both contribute to the overall content experience.  

Outside of his capacity as principle of Rubicon CX, Tim has a number of personal and passion projects that he explores and chronicles over at his personal site,

Industry expertise

  • Automotive & transportation

  • Digital workspace

  • Healthcare & life sciences

  • Consumer goods

  • Financial services

  • Hospitality & travel

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail & e-commerce

  • Technology

A brief history of content strategy and me

The beginning

Various digital agencies coin the term content strategy and start to hire Content Strategists. I join USWeb/CKS and help define the discipline for the agency.

Early years
1999 – 2002

The basics of the discipline are established—activities that are still needed today. From content inventories and assessments to content recommendations, content matrices, and copy-writing.

I cut my teeth on my first CMS projects using Interwoven Teamsite and Vignette and lead content strategist for Xceed and other firms.

The next step
2002 – 2005

I joined UPS as managing editor for a major redesign of the site that will be translated and localized into 29 languages in 104 countries. I work with my first true content models and gain an in-depth understanding of how a CMS truly works.

The branding side of content strategy emerges with a new focus on voice and tone and editorial guidelines that guide business users in how they create content and enter it in a CMS.

Evolving the discipline
2005 – 2009

I return to the agency side of things with Genex and then later Sapient, where I start to help standardize the approach and deliverables and build the content strategy team.

“Content strategy” starts trending in search terms, rising from 880 results in 2000 to 286,000 searches in 2008, then suddenly jumps to 4,210,000 in 2009.

The big time
2010 – 2014

First content strategy conference, CS Forum, takes place in Paris.

Clients begin actively seeking content strategies and the number of agencies or consultancies that offer it grows, and DAM systems begin to enter our lexicon.

In 2010, I design a content model for one of the first enterprise instances of Day CQ, which will evolve into Adobe AEM>

Content strategy defined
2015 – 2019

Kevin Nichols publishes Enterprise Content Strategy: A Project Guide, which I helped edit and review.

I continue to build content strategy practices, first at SapientNitro (and it’s successors) and the at Rightpoint.

Taxonomy and content governance come to the fore of the content strategy work that I see for my clients, building upon the other basics.

Enter Rubicon CX
2020 – Present

Rubicon CX is founded with a view to providing content expertise as well as personalized, shoulder-to-consulting with companies seeking content and experience strategy.

And to this day, we continue to focus on what’s next.

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We are located in Atlanta, but are well accustomed to doing business in a number of different times zones, ranging from IST to PST.

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