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The Rubicon CX approach
to content and experience

How we’ll cross that river together
on the way to a great content experience


Rubicon CX Process

Our approach to content

This is what you’ll see in a pitch deck, as it generally aligns to a larger plan with phases and cross disciplinary activities.

Which is all well in and good, and often times necessary. In a kick-off deck though, it’s the voice over where the rubber meets the road, and we get a chance to actually define these phases, activities, and steps in real terms so simple a dog could understand it (well, maybe not our dog here, but you get the idea.)

This process can be seen as a closed loop, in which the activities associated with each step are repeated over and over to keep a content and experience strategy up to date and always evolving as business and user needs grow and evolve.

In this, we consider every type of content: site copy, videos, product packaging, in-store displays, knowledge base support articles, white papers, and the like. This process will help create a results-driven, user-focused framework.


We’ll observe closely, and
listen even more closely

We approach every engagement and relationship with the same philosophy. Every relationship is like a marriage. Nothing is more important is such a relationship than observation and listening. We will always pay attention to what is going on but in the realm of the visible (this is what the experience is currently doing), but also to how stated goals are working in the real world.

But perhaps nothing helps marriages run more smoothly than listening to what your partner says not only explicitly, but also implied. We’ll pay attention closely to the former, and like in any relationship, we’ll learn the latter. The we will carefully understand and consider what we’ve heard and respond accordingly.

At the end of the day,
this is a team sport

It doesn’t matter when we were picked to be on the team (everyone has been picked last at some time or another), we’re still part of the team. And teamwork can be summed up in three phrases: 1) Collaborate. 2) Collaborate More. 3) Collaborate Even More.

We will work with whatever team members make sense for the engagement, from client teams and disciplines within the client organization, to other design resources all working toward the same goals—a successful outcome. We approach every engagement this way.

We believe that in listening and collaborating, we can chart a path to cross that river to get to a successful landing on the other side.

One size never fits all

While is always tempting for anyone just to pick something up that has worked elsewhere and dust and off an attach it to a problem with so much duct tape that it sticks, sort of for a while, that is not how truly successful experiences are conceived and designed.

Every client situation is different, and every solution needs to meet the needs in that context. So necessarily, every experience in in some sense bespoke. Sure, there are a lot of things that run in common from client to client and engagement and engagement, and we’ll leverage those while creating a solution that is custom made to fit your particular needs, pain points, and context.

A successful experience is
never truly complete

If you’re told different, in the immortal words of Col. Sherman T. Potter, it’s nothing but “Horse Hockey.” Nothing about the experience, whether it be the taxonomy driving dynamic presentation, the actual content as created to fill identified gaps, to the actual design itself, is ever 100% right, especially right out of the gate.

To continue to evolve to where things are as close as they can get though, we must measure and analyze to sets what resonates, what works, and what falls short of what we like. Then we adjust.

And we adjust some more. We hope to inculcate a spirit of constant measurement, analysis, and improvement.

It’s not a matter of life and death,
it’s far more serious than that

We’re not playing with Monopoly money here. We realize that. At the end of the day, dollars and sense matter. With that in mind, we’re always cognizant of where were spending our efforts and time, and thus the money. We focus on the critical things, and punt on non-critical things. If we get to them later, great! If we don’t but still meet the engagements aims, that’s also great!

In any case we realize that everything has financial consequences and ramifications. That doesn’t mean we’ll cut corners to fit into a budget box. We’ll figure out what the most that be had for a particular budge (then try to over deliver… we liked all those gold stars in fourth grade after all.)


Judge us by the company we keep

We’ve been lucky enough to do some very cool work with some very cool companies, in a variety of sectors and verticals. The selection of brands below represents a nice sampling of the range of industries where we’ve helped out clients achieve their content and experience goals.

The brands we’ve been lucky enough to work with over the years.

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