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A Newsweek blog has an interesting post describing how Obama’s branding efforts are more thorough and complete than any campaign thus far, and certainly more so than his rival. It explores something I’ve been thinking about as well. Obama’s “brand” looks way more Apple or Target than Hillary’s or McCain’s (Dell and Wal-Mart/Army circa 2003). Also, his “O” logo scales much better online than Hillary’s. From a copy perspective, Obama definitely has a tagline, whereas Hillary doesn’t that I can find. “Ready from day one” just doesn’t cut the mustard. While “Change I can believe in” isn’t great (is that a preposition I see at the end of that sentence?), at least it’s an attempt. What does this mean. Not a heck of a lot, but I still think it’s interesting. Could something like this influence those of us that work in such matters? Perhaps, but we were probably pre-disposed to support him anyway. Of course these brief thoughts prompt me to start a content comparison of the major candidates websites. I’ll try to get to that perhaps this weekend.

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